Everyone needs to use the restroom when nature calls. However, finding a clean and available toilet when you need one the most can be challenging, especially when you are traveling or are in an unfamiliar place. Our toilet website aims to solve this problem by providing a comprehensive and up-to-date directory of public restrooms around the world.
On our site, you can find the locations, hours of operations, and amenities of tens of thousands of toilets from various sources like restaurants, stores, offices, public parks, and service stations. We verify the accuracy of the listings with the location owners to ensure the information is correct. Our toilet ratings and review system also allows users to share their experiences to help others.
Our vision is to make it effortless for people to meet one of the most basic yet important human needs – using the restroom with ease, comfort, and peace of mind no matter where they are. We hope you will find our toilet website useful, whether you are traveling to another city or just urgently need to find a restroom nearby. Please do not hesitate to send in any feedback or suggestions to help us improve the site further. We aim to build the world’s largest and most comprehensive toilet directory, one restroom at a time.